Lunch Bowl 500ml Black by Polar Gear

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Cup your hands round a bowl of hot food!

This handy, microwavable container is designed to carry, re-heat and eat meals away from home all in the same handy bowl. Perfect for pasta, rice and noodles, it's also ideal for carrying healthy summer salads. The bowl is made from microwavable plastic so it is suitable for microwave re-heating. You can re-heat your lunch to your preferred temperature in the microwave in a couple of minutes. The microwave splash guard included inside helps keep your microwave clean.

If you don't have access to a microwave, the double wall insulation helps to keep pre-heated food warm for up to 3 hours, dependent on the outside temperature. Placing the inner microwave splash guard lid on top of food will make the insulation more effective. It will also help to keep cold salads cool.

This generous sized lunch container comes complete with folding spoon/fork, removable divided bowl and carry handle. Keep upright.

Ideal if you work shifts or have access to a microwave at work.